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What is a bearing? It is a mechanical element used to diminish the friction between two objects which are in rotary or linear movement relative to each other.

There are three different types of bearing depending on the direction of the loads they support:

  • Radial: They are meant for supportings loads perpendicular to axle.
  • Axial: They are meant for supportings loads parallel to axle.
  • Angular contact: They are meant for supportings loads oblique to axle.

CMM Italy is a leading company in the manufacturing and production of ball bearings: for over thirty years we have been expanding our market network throughout the country and in international markets such as Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Tunisia and many others.

We design and produce thrust bearings for hinges and many other fields of application: security doors, industrial doors, office chairs and swivel chairs, gravity rollers, sliding tarps, drawer runners, furniture in general and much more. The experience and creativity of our staff, combined with its technological know-how, guarantee the sheer quality of our products. In detail, we manufacture:

  • Stamped and turned axial thrust ball bearings
  • Stamped and turned radial ball bearings
  • Turned angular contact ball bearings
  • Roller heads (i.e. Ball bearings for gravity rollers)
  • Accessories for rollers
  • Ball bearing trolleys
  • Ball bearing runners

Find out more information by visiting our site: you will find all the technical data sheets of our products in an easily downloadable PDF format. For any questions and special requests you can contact us through the appropriate section "more information" on our website, or you can call us at +39 041 5190344.